A Hat for Heather

Not long ago I was told about someone who is passionate about two things – coffee and hats. Heather Barrie is the powerhouse behind Harrie’s Coffee. She is so well known for her hat wearing that it even features in her logo. To quote her website, “Without a hat it’s not Harries Coffee”. So of course I had to meet her.

feature image

Early mornings will find Heather dispensing her very own coffee brand (she loved it so much she bought her supplier) from a little trailer outside Arundel Station in West Sussex. She isn’t that fond of early starts but loves meeting her customers, so still keeps her hand in with the face to face part of the business. She also sells amazing coffee machines to businesses throughout the UK.

And as I said – Heather loves hats. We arranged to meet – it wasn’t hard to spot each other because, unsurprisingly, we were both wearing hats. I had a particular idea in mind for Heather. Those early mornings in Arundel are very dark at this time of year and I thought she would be the ideal person to benefit from one of the light reflective hats from the new AW16 collection. I showed her a couple of styles and we went for “Under Cover” – a classic fedora:

AW16 – “Under Cover”

The logo of Harrie’s Coffee is a pink hat – so the ribbon trim on Heather’s is pink of course. I dropped off Heather’s hat recently, and she was delighted – I hope to update this post with an image of the hat “in action” soon.

Heather in her custom version with pink trim

You can see more of the made to order AW16 collection on the website – including more light reflective styles. So if you too have an early start, or just want to be noticed in the dark, do get in touch x


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