How to Find the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape – Part 6: All Square


My last post was about finding hats to suit oval faces. In this final post of the series we will look at the square shaped face. If you are not sure yet what your face shape is, start by reading my first post in this series: how to find out your own face shape. Long faces can also be quite angular, so make sure that you are sure which shape you are. Many of the same shapes will work, but with a square face there will be more emphasis on getting proportions right so that the face is slightly lengthened (in hat styles asymmetry is usually more flattering – and more interesting!).

So if you have read any of my other posts on face shape you will probably have an inkling by now of what the approach should be when choosing your hat – contrast in shapes is key.

So it will be no surprise when I advise you to avoid straight lines and narrow crowns:

AVOID: the style on the left exaggerates the squareness of the jawline; the hat on the right makes the face look wider than it is

So instead look for hats with predominantly curved or circular elements which will soften the angles of the face:

SEEK OUT: the style on the left softens the angles of the jawline; the right hand style is ideal if you are petite, as it will not swamp you.

Some suggestions to whet your appetite:




As I said right at the start of these posts I hope this advice helps you whether you are shopping for a ready made hat or decide to have one made for you – as far as I am concerned the more happy hat wearers there are in the world the better!




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