Autumn winter photoshoot



I always look forward to our photoshoots and this one was no exception.

We had the dream team on board again – Katariina Jarvinen of Light Trick Photography and Sean Chapman – make up artist extraordinaire.

Our model this season is Niki Smith. Niki is a teaching assistant at the Dharma Primary School in Hove – we met a while ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Niki has never modelled. I think I managed to persuade her to do it because of her natural curiosity – she wanted to find out what it would be like, and to see what she looked like in full on makeup. As you can see from these photos she is a natural!

We had some particular technical challenges with this shoot – some of the hats (such as the ones below) have reflective features which I wanted to show in some photos – so at one point we had Niki standing in a cupboard in the dark (maybe she’ll decide never to model again after this!).


I am so pleased with the results – and I cannot thank Sean, Nikki and Katariina enough.

Katariina will be writing in her own blog about the shoot – I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did!


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