How to find the perfect hat for your face shape – Part 5: The Oval – is too much choice such a good thing?


My last post was about finding hats to suit round faces. Now let’s talk about those of you who have an oval face. As always, if you don’t know what your face shape is, start with my first post in this series: how to find out your own face shape.

Oval faces are often seen as the easiest to suit when wearing a hat – and indeed most styles will suit your face shape. But that of course raises its own challenges, as you might end up being overwhelmed by choice. So here are some tips to help you narrow down things down a little –  and as a result make sure you look your very best in your hat rather than just”OK”:

First let’s think about your nose(!). If you have a downturned nose then avoid an overly dowturned brim – it has a tendency to make you look rather serious and downcast. On the other hand, if you have an upturned nose (or retrousee as I believe it used to be called) then avoid upturned brims – they can give you too much of a “girlish” look. I would assume that you would rather look like a grown woman than a girl.

Body shape and height are also important – wide brims look good on the tall athletic “swimmer” body shape of an inverted triangle but if you are short this could swamp you – so instead  find a smaller brimmed hat or “percher” that adds height with carefully positioned trims.

So plenty of choice – but remember the tips above


Heere are some more styles from the website that you might like:


Hat shopping should be fun –  and now you know  what you are looking for I hope you will go out there and enjoy yourself!

Just one more  in this series of posts – how to flatter a square shaped face.



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