How to find the perfect hat for your face shape – Part 4: In the round


My last post was about long slim faces. Now let’s talk about those of you who have a round face. As always, if you don’t know what your face shape is, start with my first post in this series: how to find out your own face shape.

The round face is very symmetrical – your “lipstick outline” (see that first blog post!) will be closer to a circle than an oval. Get the style and shape of the hat right and you will avoid looking too “baby faced”. After all you might wish to look young, but not that young. These are the styles then that in any consultation I would advise you to avoid – so also styles that are probably not worth trying on if you are out hat shopping:


Avoid low curved crowns and small brims – they just add to the whole “circular” effect and emphasise the roundness of your face. “Button” shaped headpieces are better, but again they are still echoing the roundness of your face. They are not worthy of you – you deserve a bigger hat!

So what would I recommend?



Look for sharp lines and asymmetry. Tall crowns and/or crowns wider than your face balance proportions. You can also create an illusion of crown width with decorative features.

Here are a few styles from the website that I think would work very well for you:

Cream fine straw fedora with fabric overlay on brim – SS16 collection
Fine navy straw hat with heightened crown and satin flower trim
Pleated sinamay headpiece with beaded edge – SS16 collection

So go out and enjoy trying on some hats – but if you still can’t find “the one” why not get in touch – I’d be happy to make it for you!

Only two more  in this series of posts – the oval comes next: and although it is said to be the easiest face shape to suit, there are still some pitfalls you should look out for, and of course I shall tell you what they are…


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