How to find the perfect hat for your face shape – Part 3: Why the long face?


My last post was for those of you with heart shaped faces. This next post is (surprise surprise!) for those of you who have a long face. If you haven’t a clue what your face shape is, don’t worry – just take a look at my first post of the series: how to find out your own face shape.

The longer face is exactly what it sounds like – compared to your fellow hearts, ovals, rounds and squares your face is slightly slimmer and longer – in particular you might have a high forehead. Some hats will exaggerate these features, which can be unflattering. So once again let’s deal straight away with styles that are unlikely to work for you – then we can forget about them and move on!

Tall or slim pointed crowns will exaggerate the length of your face – but also make sure the crown of any hat you try is deep enough to cover a high forehead, otherwise there is a danger of a bit of a Stan Laurel look (see the second image- and for those who are not old enough to remember Stan Laurel, take a look here):

bad hat 1

bad hat 2
exaggerates height of forehead


Now to the good bit – you still have lots of choice.

Wide brims worn low on the forehead work well as they balance out the length of the face; styles worn at an angle also break up the length of the face and bring attention back to the features.

good hat 2good hat 1

Of course there are many more styles that would also work for you – just bear in mind the “balancing” rule and have fun experimenting – here are a few styles from the website to inspire you:

Geraldine Watkins winter
Asymmetric winter cloche
Brimmed “percher” with pearl trim. Photo:
side view bow for web
Fine straw occasion hat with black grosgrain ribbon trim

Coming next: Part 4 – is for those of you with round faces – see you soon!


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