A Hat for Goodwood Revival


photo: Lighttrick Photography

I have just had a wonderful time making a hat for Jenny Mark-Bell (editor of Sussex Life Magazine) to wear to Goodwood Revival.

Some of you may well be familiar with this flagship event held on the Goodwood Estate – Goodwood themselves describe it thus: “The romance and glamour of motor racing as it used to be. The Revival is the only historic race meeting to be staged entirely in period dress and is a return to the halcyon days of Goodwood as the spiritual home of British motor racing.”

Many of the guests wear fully accurate original vintage garments and accessories for their decade of choice, but others prefer to choose an outfit with a vintage “flavour”. Jenny had a beautiful dove grey dress L.K. Bennett dress with a real forties look, and wanted a hat to complement it – vintage in feel, but with a style that would be equally at home in a more up to date setting – modern vintage if you like.

We talked shape and colour and Jenny tried on a lot of hats. I gave her advice on what styles would suit her face shape and which would work best with hair up or hair down. In the end we went for a shape that I was able to show her in a winter felt version but that would be recreated as a bespoke fine straw. We chose a gorgeous soft but vibrant red that suited her colouring and made a fantastic splash against the soft grey of the dress.

The hat was to be trimmed in red satin – using different textures of the same colour creates interest but still keeps a coherent and sophisticated look. I sent Jenny some sketches as I do with all my bespoke clients, so that she could agree the design and see how it would look with her outfit:

hat close upfabric samplesdress and hat

The fun part was when Jenny came to pick up her finished hat and we took a few photos for her. As ever I turned to Katariina Jarvinen for the photoshoot. Jenny is more used to obtaining photos of other people than being the model herself, but I knew she would enjoy the experience with Katariina. Sure enough we were soon having fun, and had some lovely photos of Jenny (and the hat) – you can see them in the slideshow below (along with an image of the sample of fabric I gave her so that she could get the exact shade of red lipstick!).

Jenny has written all about how she found the experience in the September issue of Sussex Life.

Here are a few more photos – I think you will agree that Jenny looks stunning:

photo: Light Trick Photography
Photo: Light Trick Photography


20160812115351-HDR-Edit (1)
Photo: Light Trick Photography

care sheet and sample





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