How to find the perfect hat for your face shape – Part 2: Matters of the heart



heart with heart image

In my last blog post I showed you how to find out your own face shape. In this next post we are going to take a closer look at the heart shaped face.

The key elements of the heart shaped face are the differences in proportion between the top half and bottom half – this image is probably slightly exaggerated but a heart shaped face is one where the chin is quite neat and pointed, which makes the forehead seem wider by comparison.

So if you want to have a happy time trying on hats, walk straight past the following styles, they will only depress you!

A hat with a large crown will just make your forehead look wider than it is. A wide low brim will swamp your face and all we will see will be a tiny chin!

heart shape wrong
Large crown exaggerates forehead width; wide brim and crown swamp delicate features

So we’re looking for neat crowns and smaller brims. If you want to go for a full brimmed “Audrey Hepburn” style, then look for one with a smaller crown:

heart shape correct
Neat little cloches flatter your features; this wider brim works because of the smaller crown

Of course there are many more styles that would also work for you – just bear in mind the “balancing” rule and have fun experimenting – here are some more styles from the website to inspire you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In Part 3 coming soon – “Why the Long Face”





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