How to find the perfect hat for your face shape – Part 1: Why it matters and why you’ll need lipstick


Why does it matter? Because any search for  a hat will be a lot more fun (and a lot less disheartening) if you know at the start what shapes of hat are likely to suit you. Just going in to a shop and trying on the first hat you see may well put you off straight away  if it is in a shape or style that was never going to work for you in the first place.

There you are standing in front of the mirror having taken your courage in both hands, only to know as soon as you see yourself that this just does not look right. I wonder whether it is these experiences that lead people to say to me – “hats just don’t suit me”.

It also doesn’t help (in my opinion) that as far as hat shopping is concerned there is no such thing as a changing room; department stores offer no quiet corner for trying on, and all your trial and error takes place in front of your fellow shoppers. Comfort yourself with the fact that their stares are most likely to be envious (“well I wish I had a reason to buy a special hat!”) but even so it can be a challenge for those of us who are not used to dressing up in public.

So wouldn’t it be nice instead to try on your first hat and think – “nearly there, but it just doesn’t do me justice – I think we can do even better!”

So first let’s find out your face shape. You’ll need a mirror – and a lipstick that you are not too bothered about (so best not use that Chanel one in the impossible to find “it” colour that you bought as consolation for the last hat shopping trip).




Look straight on at the mirror and draw a line of lipstick on it that follows the outline of your face. Let’s do Cameron Diaz as an example (after all, why not?):

cameron with lipstick and mirror

Finally take a look at the following face shapes and work out which one is the best match – it won’t be exact but there will be one that matches your outline most closely.

face shapes for blog post

I would say the top right shape is the closest match to Cameron – a heart shape.

In the next few blog posts I will take each face shape in turn and talk about the hat styles that work with them best and why.

Now go get that lipstick!




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