Men’s hats – and why we love them


I seem to be making a lot of men’s hats at the moment. Often as a gift from a partner or friend when I think about it. So perhaps the answer to “what do you give to the man who has everything?” is “a made to measure hat”.

I’ve recently made two bespoke Panamas with customised trims, and am currently finishing a rollable Panama (don’t forget – rollable panamas must only be put in their tube for travelling not for storage). I take care to source from the best suppliers I can – my straws are usually from the supplier often used by a certain well known hatters in St James’s.

Winter hats are popular too – commissions have included a racing trilby for a client’s husband and a Homburg style for a friend’s partner (he wanted to look like Johnny Depp apparently) – again both birthday presents.

The classic “male” styles (trilbies, fedoras, bowlers) also look very good on women of course. A way for us to wear a hat without “wearing a hat” if you see what I mean! So what do you think – who wears these hats best?!


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