Are you taking a hat on holiday?

2016-07-10 17.26.59

Those of you heading off for your summer holidays might be pondering whether to take a hat with you; if you have sun sensitive skin and you are lucky enough to be going somewhere hot you have probably been advised that it is essential to take a sunhat. If you are Joan Collins you can probably just rock up to the airport with a giant hatbox, but for the rest of us the only solution is to wear the hat or get it into your suitcase.

But I’m sure I am not the only one who has stood in front of her suitcase thinking – how on earth am I going to pack THIS? Here are some little tips to help you – your hat should arrive unscathed at its destination and your skin will thank you for it!

suitcase image 1

suitcase image 2

suitcase image 3

suitcase image 4

There you go that’s all there is to it. Happy holidays with your Happy Hat.

If you have a Sad Hat (that didn’t receive the loving care advocated here) why not take a look at my blog post on hat repair and restoration.


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