Do You Have a Sad Hat?

sad woman

A well made hat is something designed to last and if you look after it carefully (and perhaps revive it with a retrim) you will be able to enjoy wearing it many times over.

The problem is that hats and their boxes take up a fair amount of room and it is not unusual for your precious headwear to end up on top of a cupboard or even relegated to the attic. Unfortunately, it is also not unusual for those who forget what is in the box to put something else on top of it – resulting in a sad, squashed hat, that is usually only discovered shortly before it needs to be worn again…

But help is at hand – your hat shall once again “go to the ball” (or the wedding or the races). I know a lot about how hats are made and so I know a lot about how they can be repaired and restored. With a bit of careful work, a damaged hat can usually be restored to its former glory.

My client Jools had just such a hat; she knows I provide a hat repair and retrim service because I once restored a lovely cream felt hat for her (it had been whipped off in the wind and bowled along a rather muddy path before she could catch it). This time she called me to tell me that someone (OK, her husband, who shall be nameless) had dumped something heavy on top of a hat box containing a large straw wedding hat. It now looked like this:

jools hat before combined image
A very sad hat with a collapsed brim and a squashed crown

The wedding was in a few days’ time, so her husband brought the hat round to me the next day (part of his penance I presume).
A couple of days later Jools came over to pick up her restored hat – which I hope you agree looks lot happier now!

Jools hat after 2
Restored to its former glory…


Jools hat after 1
…and much happier

Do you have a sad hat? Or a hat that has never been quite the right size for you? Or one that needs retrimming to match a new outfit? Just get in touch via my website or the blog – I’m sure I can help!


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