A Wimbledon Panama


I recently had the pleasure of creating a custom made Panama for the one woman powerhouse that is Samantha Wilding of StyleandGrace.eu.

Samantha is an eloquent blogger and personal stylist who specialises in boosting the confidence of women and men over 40. She is going to Wimbledon on Saturday and wanted something that would go with her outfit (and fit her – like most of the population her head is not a so-called “average” size!).

On the day she plans to wear some gorgeous fluid Whistles trousers in floral print, with coordinating navy top – you can see these in the design sketch above.

As with all my customers I started by looking at the best hat style for Samantha’s face shape, height and physique. She is quite petite and has a slightly heart shaped face, so a very wide brim would not have been a good idea as this might have made her forehead look too wide and have swamped her. We could have gone for a classic trilby or fedora shape but decided to be a bit different (there is always a sea of these to be seen at Wimbledon). Down turned brims are very fashionable at the moment and this is a style that works for Samantha. So we chose a neat classic straight sided crown and a medium down turned brim. The ribbon trim is custom made to pick up the orange and navy in the outfit, but as with any hat this can easily be changed at a later date.

I hope Samantha and Mark have a wonderful day (but I would have to say they should hedge their bets and take an umbrella).

moodboard draft for blog


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