Emily, Stella, Lucy – and Freddie

Emily and Stella cropped

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy McKrickard with her glamorous mother Stella.

Lucy and I first met at a business networking event and I soon found out that hats very are important to her family. Lucy told me that when she was younger Stella had taken her to have a bespoke Freddie Fox hat made for a family wedding – and when she described it I knew I had to see it! And when she also told me that Stella’s mother Emily had been a milliner and that she herself had quite an extensive hat collection I was even more excited.

Lucy is a nutritionist, and we had to wait until she had finished her London Marathon commitments before we got together, but in May I was invited to tea at Stella’s gorgeous flat in Lewes Crescent. I arrived to see a fantastic array of hats laid out before me – including Lucy’s amazing pink Freddie Fox number (you can see her modelling it in the photo!)

Stella told me all about her mother and showed me her own hat collection – including a beautiful little green velvet cap her mother made her. Stella loves hats herself, and many of those she showed me had been retrimmed by her to match different outfits over time – something I also love doing.

I took loads of photos. This image captures just some of the fabulous hats – and above is a gorgeous little picture from 1939 of Stella with her milliner mother Emily.

freddie hat
The Freddie Fox hat in all its glory
hats 1
hats 2
…and more hats
Lucy in freddie
Lucy in her Freddie
stella in floral straw
Stella in floral straw
stella natural straw
Love the raffia trim on this
stella red straw
Cute red straw boater style

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