Choosing a Hat for a Special Occasion

sketch for Melanie Broad anonymous resizedEven though we are all agreed that hats have made a comeback (and I’ll raise my glass to that!) it is still remarkably difficult to find “the one” for your special outfit. Finding a hat in the shops that works with your choice of clothes, flatters your face shape and fits properly is hard work – and in some cases impossible.

Often new clients come to me because they have trawled all over London (and beyond) and failed to find what they need. So here’s a piece of advice you might not expect me to give:

If you don’t want to go bespoke or made to order – buy your hat first before you buy your outfit. Make this your priority. Take plenty of time and try on a LOT of hats. A few tips to help you in your search:

  • Make sure you get to see the hat from all angles when you try it – if necessary take a small hand mirror with you!
  • Know what shape and colour is likely to suit you. There are a lot of resources online to help you with this – look out for a my next blog post on this, coming soon.
  • If your hat fits properly, you should be able to forget you have it on
  • If you are going to wear your hat outdoors, how will it cope on a windy day?
  • If you are mother of bride or groom, will you be able to greet guests without bashing them on the forehead with the brim of your hat?
  • Will you show up in photos? (however lovely your hat is everyone will want to see your face as well!)
  • Most important of all – does it make you smile?
  • Once you have found and bought your fabulous hat, take short break to congratulate yourself and massage your weary feet, then…
  • Head off again (taking the hat with you of course) and start looking for an outfit that will complement you and the hat; there is so much more choice, and (thankfully for all of us) most clothes come in a range of sizes, unlike most ready to wear hats.

Of course, as I hinted, there is another way: you may well have already found a superb outfit (perhaps it was a superb bargain?!); then do pick up the phone and give me a call. You might be surprised by how reasonable the price of a bespoke hat can be – and you can guarantee that it will match your outfit, flatter you and fit perfectly. Above all it will make certainly you smile!


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