Autumn/Winter photo shoot 2015

I had a fantastic day last week with photographer Katariina Jarvinen and my friend Sara Cutting, shooting my first Autumn/Winter collection.

Katariina is the friendly face and talented photographer behind Lighttrick Photography. Many of you will know of Sara from her fantastic 365 Daily Different Headgear Challenge, which has so far raised over £15,000 for Macmillan. She is posting selfies on social media in which she sports a different hat every day for a year.

I had worked with Katariina before and knew she would be perfect for this job. Sara and I got to know each other when I offered to make some hats for her early on in her challenge. Although Sara has been in front of her own camera every day now for or quite some time, she was a little nervous about this shoot –  especially when I said I wanted some of the photos without her trademark 100 watt smile! But a few test shots with Katariina soon proved – as I had always known – that she was a perfect “millinery muse”. Sara is a beautiful woman and she modelled the hats with real flare (must be all that practice!).

I am in the middle of choosing final shots, but above are two of the stars of the show..

I didn’t manage to avoid the camera myself completely – Katariina took some photos of me in my studio and a new portrait shot for my website.

I am so grateful to both of them for the hard work they put in that day. Utmost professionalism but such fun people to work with!

Huge thanks go also to Sean Chapman MUA whose artistry brought out Sara’s natural beauty perfectly.

More about the hats soon…

27.09.15 3
Sarah demonstrating her dancing background!

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